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SALVATOR - the Universe of your free opportunities 


Альберт Эйнштейн

"A man is a part of the whole, which we call the Universe"


Albert Einstein


At his time, the interaction of the man and the world was recognized by the "father of Russian physiology" I.M. Sechenov and by an outstanding Soviet physiologist, an academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences P.K. Anokhin.

Progressive science has already recognized the fundamental principle of universal unity. According to this theory, at the subatomic level everything that surrounds us and we ourselves do represent a single whole, and the human nature is infinite in space and time.

Thus, the man is a quantum, an indivisible part of the intellectual system of the Universe with the interrelated processes and evolutionary algorithms.


Сальватор - это ваша вселенная

It is this scientific principle that allows SALVATOR view the world and the man as integral functional systems capable to interact.

It is already clear that a person creates his reality through his psychophysical interpretation of events and its translation into the world as a kind of program of events happening.

Human consciousness is the highest and closely related to speech function of the brain, thanks to it we have the ability to design the reality creatively.

During the evolution of the central nervous system humans evolved language of communication, which has become a kind of an organ is embedded in our brains. This organ provides an alternative exchange of information that is different from the slow process of the encoding DNA.

Through evolution, the human brain has become a unique place in the Universe, like processor, running all the processes in the human body.


Академик Вернадский - Технология сальватора -культура Сальватора

According to the academician V.I. Vernadsky, our consciousness in a certain positive  state is capable to perceive a maximum amount of information available. The Noosphere (the united information field of the Earth) is largely formed by thinking and creative human activities.

At the heart of this state is the unity and the interaction of matter and energy in the Universe with the relevant processes of transformation.


Using the properties of the brain and creative possibilities of our consciousness, we are able to convert the external programs and circumstances, to prevent their negative impact. The technology of SALVATOR helps us to achieve this state.

The speed of thought is less than a moment. A man obsessed with problems and concerns, perceives the reality in his consciousness in a chaotic and contradictory way, and therefore he often exchanges destructive thoughts and programs with the world and with people around.



SALVATOR is a harmony of the man with himself and the world around.

SALVATOR reveals to the man all the possibilities to think and make decisions clearly and correctly.

The project «SALVATOR» allows us to discover the Universe of free possibilities ...




Salvator - принцип действия артефакта Сальватор

SALVATOR is a new way to develop creative (cognitive) capabilities of the human brain. Using psychophysical influence by text messages and the physical object - the Salvator artifact - he finely adjusts the consciousness and the organism.

One of the main tasks of SALVATOR is to create conditions for the human central nervous system, so that it could effectively reduce the measure of uncertainty (entropy) and to keep this harmonious state - a state of self-preservation, self-organization and energy stability of the organism.

Thus, SALVATOR promotes and organizes continuous self-renewal, metabolism, energy and information interchange between the human body and the world around him.


SALVATOR can be compared with a  delicate  antique chandelier.


Today the electric lamp is designed for everyday life, and the chandelier remains the subject for the elite, meant for your soul. But when the electricity is turned off, the chandelier lights the way in the dark, because it does not need any other power but the candles you lit.

In the light of electricity the chandelier stands as a symbol of history, aesthetics, hope and the elements. And when a person wants to get closer to his true nature, he turns off the electricity and lights the candles ...

SALVATOR develops your interpretation of the world up to the image:

Ocean – Man – Universe


SALVATOR awakens the ancient pre-images of human consciousness related to the sea, the energy of all the ancient oceans of the planet and extends them to the image of the Universe. SALVATOR returns the person to the great triad Ocean – Man – Universe,to a new spiral of evolution and  problems overcoming.


You can read about Functions of the Salvator artifact here...


Salvator - океан, человек, вселенная - купить Сальватор


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