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How to use Koltsov FSC "Black Mountain"


koltsov FSC Black mountain

Koltsov Functional State Corrector "Black Mountain" contains the polarization of the most powerful place of power, located in the Gobi Desert. It really is a mountain with a special property to fulfill the desires of those who come to it to make a bow. Hence its another name – Granting wishes jewel.


Opportunities of the FSC "Black Mountain": 

-Promotes an increase in the overall energy level for men;

-Helps the awakening of the true male consciousness "I am a man";


How to use Koltsov FSC №19 «ANTI-TOBACCO»

кфс кольцова 19

It is designed to purify the lungs of nicotine and to get rid of negative addiction to smoking. 
Contains the channel "Maya" - "POLUT"
- Removes all negative links to the egregor of smokers, all the negative programs related to the lungs. 
- Clears the lungs, bronchi, pleura from nicotine and removes toxins. 
- Destroys sick lung cells, builds up new ones. 
- Cleans the blood and restores the true blood formula, restores the functions of the spleen and liver. 
- Saturates the blood with oxygen.

Recommendations on how to use Koltsov FSC "FORTUNE" 

Koltsov FSC Fortune


1. For the initial activation of the plate, place your FSC Fortune under the coccyx and calmly, relaxing, rest sitting on it for 30 minutes. Think only of yourself and only in a positive way. Then put the plate FSC on the crown and calmly, relaxed, rest for another 30 minutes. This way you complete the activation and adjust its vibrations to yourself. After this the FSC starts to work actively and independently, methodically performing its functions 24 hours a day.


Guidelines how to use Koltsov FSC "Rejuvenating Apple"


КФС Кольцова Молодильное Яблочко

Exclusive Koltsov FSC Rejuvenating Apple belongs to the gold series of FSC’s, it activates the Mayan channels YAASH and CHAOCHAK. Therefore, it is recommended to get adjusted (adapted) to the vibrations of this plate according to the principle of initiating all golden correctors.

Functional State Correctors of the Golden line "Cosmic Theurgy of Maya" are arranged in such a way that after they are activated, they start to work with the user and in each case act individually, with a certain delay, choosing the most adequate mode.


How to use exclusive Koltsov FSC “Clear Sight 2”


КФС Кольцова Чистый взгляд 2

The exclusive Koltsov FSC "Clear Sight 2" contains the polarizations of strong places of power, therefore it is recommended to get adapted to its vibrations. During the first month of use, give preference to water procedures, the intake of a sufficient amount of water and “pumping” (recovery of your bio-energy) in combination with other Koltsov Functional State Correctors.

Healing Ancestral Karma: how to restore energetic balance in the relationship with your ancestors?

Improve the quality of your life here and now.

Whether you admit it or not, there is Ancestral karma influence (the influence of your direct ancestors from 7 generations).

Исцеление рода

If you recall the history of the last 200 years (during the life of 7 generations of your family), you will find that your direct ancestors had to go through wars, reforms period, hunger, economy crisis etc.

Just think, what emotions they had to live, and what actions to perform. All these emotions are present in your Generation today.

You continue the lives of your ancestors, as well as your descendants will continue yours.

How to free your pets of parasites easily and innocuously?

КФС Кольцова  - от паразитов животных     

   Surely, you gently love those who you have tamed, who live next to you and give you so much joy every day! Surely, you generously show your care: caring, offering tasty food, playing and caressing. And now you can help your pet maintain health and prolong life without chemicals and you can help him in critical situations without trips to the vet, pills and injections.

      For harmonic keeping pets (to provide comfort for yourself and the family pet) we offer you Koltsov Functional State Corrector - the latest achievement of Russian science in the field of health rehabilitation. Koltsov FSC plate is a miniature cordless bioresonance device, the action of which is based on the electromagnetic field of the Earth and is a copy of the natural phenomenon, namely an original algorithm of communication of all life through the etheric biofields.

Зимнее солнцестояние

В день зимнего солнцестояния заканчивается старый солнечный цикл и начинается новый. Наше любимое светило, дающее жизнь всему живому, начинает снова расти. А вместе с ним могут «пойти в рост» и все ваши дела, если вы правильно и осознанно используете этот период!

Зимнее солнцестояние и КФС КольцоваУже за неделю до 22 декабря на Землю сходят сильные потоки энергии. Наступает мощно заряженное время чудес и волшебства, и  можно готовиться к зимнему солнцестоянию:

1. Первое, что важно сделать – это произвести очищение вашего жизненного пространства от всего старого, ненужного, залежавшегося.
Проведите генеральную уборку в доме, в офисе, на рабочем месте, в автомобиле, гараже, разберите вещи, отдайте те, что уже вам точно не пригодятся. Во время уборки зажигайте свечи. Завершите процесс энергетическим очищением с применением КФС №1, КФС 16, КФС 20 на выбор.
Все работы по дому желательно завершить к вечеру 21-го декабря.

Лучшие практики с КФС на равноденствие 23.09.2015

Практика применения КФС Кольцова на равноденствие

Лучшие практики с КФС на равноденствие 23.09.2015.Выполнять их можно не только во время равноденствия, но и за несколько дней до и после него.

Равноденствие– это важное время балансировки и уравновешивания энергии, которое открывает вам лучшие возможности для выстраивания своей новой реальности.

1. Поприветствуйте восход и закат

Равноденствие — важное астрологическое событие. Восход и закат солнца в этот день являются ключевыми энергетическими точками.

Постарайтесь встретить их 23 сентября 2015 г.


How to use lilac Koltsov Functional State Corrector (FSC) №12 «Healthy Sleep»?


The main effects of the Corrector №12 on your organism and thin bodies are cleaning, rehabilitation and healing during sleeping, activating the process of rejuvenation while sleeping, receiving Divine information from the thin world while you sleep.

This Koltsov plate provides receiving information from the thin world while sleeping and promotes your intuition. Thanks to the cosmo-energetic channels it provides you can rehabilitate functions of the internal organs.

If necessary you can work with this lilac Koltsov FSC №12 “Healthy sleep” to achieve a harmonious state of your inner world.


How to use Golden Koltsov FSC's?


  Functional State Correctors of the Golden line "Cosmic Theurgy of Maya" are arranged in such a way that after they are activated, they start to work with the user and in each case act individually, with a certain delay, choosing the most adequate mode.

Every Golden Corrector works only with the person that regularly holds it in his hands.



  a powerful amulet and immunomodulator for children and adults     



Contributes to the protection of children from different information attacks in the utero and after birth


Promotes remedial effects of birth traumas – if used immediately after birth

Normalizes the psycho-emotional disorders in children - simplifies and harmonizes social adaptation


Contributes to the normalization of the immune system at any age from 0 to 90 years old, and even older


How to use Koltsov FSC "LOVE"


FSC "Love" - one of the most high-vibration plates of the green series such as "Harmony", "Clear sight", "Longevity", dominated by the energy of YIN.

Promotes respect for nature - helps to realize the unity of life;


Harmonizes the relationship between a man and a woman (husband - wife, mother - son, father - daughter, brother - sister, etc.) - helps to understand the universal unconditional love;


How to use Koltsov Functional State Corrector "Success" - Yang energy


  • Contributes to the harmonization and synchronization of both brain hemispheres – it helps to understand and analyze information, make optimal decisions, promotes inclusion in the Flow of Abundance.

  • Stimulates the person's ability to learn - opens a mental search, contributes to the development and expansion of consciousness, restores vitality.

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