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FSC Sacred Cave

КФС Кольцова Священная пещера

Koltsov FSC Sacred Cave was produced for the 8th anniversary of Center Region Company.

This FSC plate contains the polarization from the place of power "Sacred Cave" (Mongolia).

There is a wonderful place of power in Mongolia, it combines 4 caves. One of the caves is called Sacred. The Sacred cave is a large energy center not just for Mongolia, but for the entire Earth. Holy Lama spent 108 days in this cave alone, praying, having just water, without any food. Here one can feel a strong energy of the Earth - the person changes his view of life, cleanses his soul.

 Pilgrims come here to pray and receive the energy of the Universe.


КФС Кольцова Священная пещера


The plate Sacred Cave helps obtain a complete energetic earthing of the aura. It provides harmonization of the vertical flows of bioenergy, opens a conscious access to the chakra of Cosmos (Soul).


For the effective use of the FSC "Sacred Cave" it is recommended:


*  self-determination - pre-readiness to be conscious of your thoughts and deeds,

*  spiritually intellctual choice – absolute love,

*  specification of your life tasks,

*  consumption of at least 2,5 litres of water a day, including 100 ml and more of water structured with the FSC Sacred Cave,

*  practical практическое implementation (manifestation) of your conscious mental achievements…

Functions of the FSC "Sacred Cave":

  • Fills up with the powerful energy in a short period of time;
  • Promotes cleansing and enlightenment of the soul;
  • Promotes profound transformation of the individual;
  • Connects you with the Higher forces;
  • Opens and initiates creative potential;
  • Helps to get in the right frame of mind for success in any business;
  • Promotes general health improvement and rejuvenation of the body;
  • Harmonizes, purifies and protects the space.

КФС Кольцова Священная пещера

How to use koltsov Functional State Corrector "Sacred Cave"

(similar to other FSC's with vibrations of places of power):

- drink water structured with it
- do any любые hydrotherapeutic procedures
- clear the space at home (follow the LINK on how to do it)
- use along with in meditations
- use it with any healing practice
- do aura rehabilitation ("pumping")
- wear during the day at the tailbone (coccyx) area
- combine with other Koltsov FSC's


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