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FSC «ELIXIR OF LIFE» 2013 – polarization of the "Epiphany water" of the 19th of January 2013


Подарочная КФС Кольцова Живая вода



FSC “Elixir of Life” rehabilitates aura (bio energy), “fills in holes” in thin etheric bodies, rehabilitating all the processes on the physiological level.


     FSC “Elixir of Life” 2013 contains adequate reaction to all the negative influences of the year, adapts your organism to different changes of the external vibrations of the year, so it is needed by many people.


How to use FSC “Elixir of Life”:


      FSC “Elixir of Life” is used as all other FSC: drink water, take baths and showers, do aura rehabilitations, apply directly, wear on one of the chakras etc. Read all the recommendations…


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