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Koltsov FSC “Danilovo Lake”


КФС Кольцова Данилово озеро

The FSC "Danilovo Lake" helps to get rid of skin cancer, to improve the condition of blood vessels, nerves and musculo-skeletal system, to put in order the digestive system, to restore hormonal balance, especially the thyroid function, to normalize the immune system, to rejuvenate the body in general and prolong active life.


Danilovo Lake is one of the most famous small lakes of the Novosibirsk region.

The shape of the lake is an oval, with the length of 0,8 km and the width - 0,5 km. The depth of the lake rises to the center, according to the divers at some places it reaches up to 16-17 meters. The costs are sloping, the south-eastern shore has a solid sloping sandy bottom, and the opposite - a swampy, marshy one. It is surrounded by the shore pines, there are some lonely bushes of bird cherry, mountain ash, viburnum and honeysuckle, aspen.

Sometimes the lake is called "Pearl of Siberia" because of the unusual legends about the origin of the lake and the healing properties of its waters. It is believed, according to a legend, that Danilovo Lake, as well as lakes Urman, Leneva, Shaitan and undiscovered Nenaydennoe Lake have the same origin – they were formed by the fall of five fragments of a large meteorite and all these five lakes are connected by the underground river Shaitan. The water from all these water bodies does not deteriorate for a long time. According to clairvoyants people don’t fully appreciate the features of all these water reservoirs: swimming in all the lakes you gain immortality. This beautiful legend was used by a local storyteller Ershov, the fairy tale "The Humpbacked Horse” is based on it.


The sonar fixed cavity depth of 67 meters in the left part of the lake Danilovo. Such a depth indicates its meteoritic origin.

Данилово озеро - КФС Кольцова

The Danilovo lake water is a natural oxygen cocktail: there is a large number of springs in the lake, thus enriching it with oxygen, which, according to scientists, gives the healing properties to the water. It improves the metabolic processes in the body and activates the immune system. It is unique in its properties and is suitable as a high-quality drinking water, as well as for cooking and making a variety of medical and other solutions to enhance the human health.

Infusions and decoctions made from the Danilovo water have a high efficiency, and the water rejuvenates the body. It helps not only in healing skin diseases but treats toothache. Due to the high saturation of water with iodine it is possible to heal people with the thyroid gland problems.

The collected water samples were tested in the laboratory of the Omsk State Technical University. It was found that the silver contained in the water is in fairly small amounts and does not exceed the usual standards. But they found a huge amount of free oxygen – the water in the lake is constantly changing, thanks to numerous underground sources that bring oxygen. It explains the healing properties of Danilovo Lake. Free oxygen improves metabolic processes in the body and activates its defenses.

According to the laboratory tests, the samples of Danilovo  water are active in their effects on human cells: they increase the vitality, there is an increasing number of dividing cells and, very importantly, it was always recorded the highest cellular protein synthesis. The tested lake water has some bioenergetic activity that is 24 - 45% more active than tap water.

Lake Danilovo is a mysterious enigma, a unique phenomenon of Nature, it is a beautiful place for rest and rehabilitation of health.


FSC "Danilovo Lake" contains the polarization of this wonderful gift of Mother Nature to us humans. The effect of the FSC "Danilovo Lake" is unique: everything counts – its meteoritic origin of the lake and the surrounding nature, and the healing properties of the water saturated with active oxygen and the peculiar set of trace elements.




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