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Koltsov Functional State Corrector “Anti-cataclysm”


antikataklizm“Anti-cataclysm” is a FSC of general pupose and it can work by itself, especially for the region where it is located, or you can direct its action to any distant region.


FSC “Anti-cataclysm” provides:

 • Dissolving of global catastrophes;

 • Prevention of accidents at nuclear heating plants;

 • Elimination of terrorism threat;

 • Prevention of fire and putting it out;

 • Decay of tornado forming threat;

 • Prevention of floods;

 • Decay and prevention of Earthquakes and Tsunami.

Everyone who has the FSC “Anti-cataclysm” is able to minimize possible cataclysms and their consequences for himself, his family and other people of the Earth.


Be always safe and happy!!!


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