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FSC “Amaranth”  - a super-activator of the immune system, neutralizes auto-immune and allergic reactions.


Подарочная пластина КФС Амарант


The botanical name of amaranth goes from the greek “amarantos”: “unfading flower”.

FSC “Amaranth” contains polarization (information) of a great amount of biologically effective substances, that amaranth as a herb contains in itself: amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, proteins etc., including SQUALEN – one of the main works (effective components) of the amaranth oil.





– oncological diseases;
– cardio-vascular diseases;
– excess of radionuclides and heavy metals salts;
– infectious diseases, fungus diseases;
– herpes virus;
– psoriasis;
– neurodermatitis;
– eczema;
– atopic dermatitis;
– vaginal discharge;
– scars;
– gastrointestinal tract diseases;
– liver diseases;
– mucous lesion;
– burns;
– cuts;
– bedsores;
– pimples;
– insects bites.

FSC “Amaranth” is used for cosmetic purposes for protection, detoxication, skin moistening, softening and nutrition.

КФС Кольцова Амарант - методика применения

How to use FSC “Amaranth”:


- drink at least ½ glass of FSC “Amaranth” structured water a day;

- take all water hydrotherapeutic procedures (baths, showers etc.) with FSC “Amaranth” structured water;

- apply FSC “Amaranth” directly to the place of affection;

- treat all ointment and liquid cosmetic or medicinal drugs for 24 hours before using (leave the lid opened while you structure drugs with FSC);

- treat all food vegetable oils for 24 hours before using (leave the lid opened while you structure drugs with FSC);

- treat all the food with the FSC “Amaranth”– put it under plate and glass for 5-10 min;

- use it while you do “aura rehabilitation”;

- wear it on one of the energetic centers (chakras).


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КФС Кольцова "Амарант" подарочная пластина