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       Hello! Welcome to our webpage!

      We are proud to introduce you the international company Universum Vita! Why is it international? Not because we are a branch of the foreign company... vice versa. Our activities are so wide and demanded that we have become a close-knit team, the partners of which are in Russia, Mexico, and the countries of the European Union and CIS.

     Universum Vita is a group of people united by a common purpose: to bring the common good quality of life and health to a new level, based on the most recent discoveries and achievements of basic science.

   Research, medical practice and breakthroughs in the field of energy medicine will allow you to enjoy the unique, innovative products, already recognized worldwide.

     We created this site to give you the opportunity to get a unique product and the most relevant information for yourself, your family and friends at any time. We want to help you take a fresh look at your attitude to health, intellectual development and life in general.


Nice to meet you!

We will gladly answer any of your questions and request information.

If you would like to get to know us a little better, or become a member of the team, call us now!




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