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Koltsov Sergey Valentinovich

The author and developer of the FSC (Functional State Corrector), Koltsov Sergey V. is one of the founders of Center Region company and Research Director.


Кольцов Сергей Валентинович - создатель Корректора функционального состояния

In 1974 he graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Since childhood he has dreamed of launching rockets, and a young specialist he was assigned to the Research Institute for Automation and Instrumentation. There he started to work at the software of on-board control systems, and later he participated in the launch of well-known strategic missiles - "Zenith" and "Buran".

After a successful testing of the missile "Buran", he realized that “there is nothing impossible in the world, the man just does not know how to do it for now." It looks like this mental attitude at that time helped him competently go deep into the completely unknown or little known spheres.

In 1990, together with a group of progressive scientists and enthusiasts, he began to develop information carriers, which have a beneficial effect on the human body. There were also some difficulties - the lack of instruments that could confirm or refute the effectiveness of these carriers. The problem of the very first plates (correctors) to compensate the perturbations arising from the Earth's electromagnetic field, thus adapting the biological object to the environmental conditions.

All "working" frequency-wave patterns were carefully selected. The development continues and this library of frequencies continues to grow with new natural forms, images, aqueous solutions, minerals, new patterns are recorded.

The basis of the FSC invention lies in the discovery of new properties and functions of water in the body and in the world in general. This function is the accumulation and transmission of information: "The phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb, store and share data with the surrounding environment, this data is brought by light, thought, music, prayer or a simple word. Just as every living cell keeps the information about all the body, each water cell is able to store in itself information about the whole planetary system. "

Unlike homeopathic remedies (which are based on the same principle of transferring the information component), scientists were able to combine a large number of these forms of information in a single carrier, not excluding or inhibiting each other. The uniqueness of this principle is that recording the reflected light on any material and copying correctly what nature provides us with, the corrector uses only natural rhythms without human intervention. This way is implemented the principle of "do no harm".

So now the name of Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov is associated with his invention – Koltsov Functional State Corrector (FSC). According to all the documents certifying the FSC, it is a medical device that restores the energy-information state of the person, structures water (a man contains 70% of water) and protects us from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Using Koltsov plates we synchronize the body's internal rhythms with the rhythms of the external field of the Earth. Despite the destructive criticism and slander, Koltsov FSC has been widely recognized in Russia and abroad. This device, according to the author himself, is not a panacea, but because of its healing properties it allows to get rid of many serious illnesses and do without chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Sergey V. Koltsov believes that we are at the very beginning. Using correctors and leaving your comments and suggestions, we will be able to improve this unique product, to expand the boundaries of its application in our new quality of life. Today in Russia and some European countries are organized lectures and seminars, where the author himself and employees of the company Center Region clearly show how the Functional State Corrector works.